Recipe: Homemade Hummus

Is there anything as delicious and multipurpose as hummus? It’s great on toast, as a dip for vegetables, in a burger or sandwich or topping a middle eastern dish. Or on a spoon for a quick snack.

This recipe puts a bit of a spin on the traditional lemon and garlic hummus by adding paprika and fresh mint. That being said, it’s stupidly easy and can be amended quickly to your own tastes.


Perfect time out: toast with pesto, hummus and coffee.
Perfect time out: toast with pesto, hummus and coffee.


For extra for experts* try adding sundried tomatoes.

*regular people

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Recipe: Plum, Apple and Custard Pie

This is a wonderfully, warm dessert to make any time of the year. In winter fresh granny smith apples and tinned plums can be used. In summer, you can use 100% fresh ingredients. Bonus points if you make the custard yourself (a good recipe for which can be found here).




The tartness of the plums and apples contrasts wonderfully with the smooth vanilla and spice flavour of the custard. For something a little more interesting, add some cinnamon and nutmeg to your custard before you add it to the pie.

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Recipe: Southern Spiced Ribs



Who doesn’t love ribs?

Yesterday we had a visitor up, one of my boyfriend’s mates, and I wanted to go all out on something meaty and hearty and delicious. I’ve been eyeing up ribs on restaurant menus for a number of months now but can never bring myself to order them due to the sheer mess involved. I’m told this is part of the ribs experience but when you have long hair, long nails and a relatively ample bosom dripping sticky rib sauce isn’t something you want to play with in public.

This recipe is sweet and smokey and has a solid kick of chilli to it. It takes an hour an a half to cook but much longer to marinate. It doesn’t need much supervision so could easily be done on a work day provided you didn’t mind eating late.

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