Don’t go changing

Tonight I did a free compliments thing on twitter as part of a wonderful hashtag some friends thought up: #sharetheloveTuesdays. I was amazed at the results.

First of all, my earlier hypothesis about the role compliments play in people’s lives was proven accurate. People who are usually full of beans crawled out of the woodwork to ask for a little affirmation (affirmation I gave freely). The effect on me, however, is what really flawed me.

Flattering other people is a truly humbling and heart warming act. So often we drift through life focusing inwards, eyes down, heads bowed, feet shuffling. We discuss our lives with others; we mull over our problems; we see life through glasses made with our own unique prescription. How often do we sit down and focus 100% on someone else? How often do we stop and think about what they need to hear most?

Focussing your entire energy on the betterment of someone else is wonderfully freeing. I love it. It makes me feel healthy, happy, whole. It makes me feel like a better person. And what’s more it makes other people feel that way too.

I may have to make this a regular.