Guest Post: My decision to donate my eggs (Part 2 – The Right Couple)

Just a few days after that I was given another profile to have a look at. Instantly after reading it something just felt right. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. You know that feeling when something just feels right? I had that feeling, and it hasn’t changed.

They were contacted after I said yes, and were surprised and very excited and didn’t hesitate either. I mean, I sound pretty great on paper right? And it was the kind of reaction I would have expected. Hey, this woman wants to give you her eggs, she’s young, healthy and a nice person. What do you say to that when you’ve been trying to have a baby for over 6 years? Heck yes!


So after an appointment with my GP for some swabs, a script and more bood tests I was ready for my next appointment with the clinic. Everything up until now been annonymous, but I had the option of meeting the couple if we both wanted to. For a number of reasons I did want to meet them and like the idea of having contact with them in the future.

The day I met them I had an appointment with the counsellor first before they joined us. I was very nervous, but figured not as nervous as they would be. I had a brief moment of panic too, what if I didn’t like them? What do I do then? But all of that disappeared when they walked in the room, with a huge gift basket for me. I was completely overwhelmed! It was wonderful to meet them. I was able to hear more about their story, what got them to this point (6 years of trying to have a baby, including 3 failed IVF apptempts), and why they needed an egg donor. That feeling I mentioned before about something just being right? I still had that feeling when I met them, but stronger. I was excited to help this lovely couple.

I briefly had to see the clinic nurse for a drug teach. Basically how to inject myself. It didn’t take long! After years of injecting other people the hardest thing would be sticking the needle into myself.

Then we were all set to go. It was just a matter of waiting until my period in July. The way things work is I had to start a course of injections once my period started. More waiting! After all this time I was just pretty keen to get going and get things started.

Through all this I’ve told friends at various stages. Some times its come up in conversation, or others I’ve wanted people to talk to. Everyone along the way has been so supportive and very encouraging. I mentioned it to my Mum back in January when I was in the early stages, but hadn’t mentioned it again to my parents. I was most nervous about telling my Dad. I had no idea what he would say or what his reaction would be. So I told my brother first! That went really well. Then I phoned my parents. I’m glad I waited until I had met the couple, as I was able to give more specifics and answer questions. My Dad’s reaction? “Oh well that’s nice, typical of you to help people out isn’t it? Good on ya, Right, I gotta go have a shower.” So much for being nervous! I’m very thankful to have my parents support, and also the support of wonderful friends and work colleagues. No matter what happens in the next couple of weeks I know they will be there for me.