Guest Post: My decision to donate my eggs (Part 5 – the results)


It’s with an extremely heavy heart and through lots of tears that I write this final post. I got an email from the recipient couple this morning with devastating news. None of the embryos made it to day 6. We don’t know what went wrong but none of them are suitable to be implanted. I’m absolutely torn this morning and can’t stop crying. I knew meeting them would make this process more personal, and with that makes this bad news even harder to take. This was their last chance to have a child. I can’t imagine what it’s like for them at the moment.

Of course I have a few questions, mainly did I do anything wrong? Or could I have done anything differently? I also wonder about my chances of getting pregnant in the future if there is a something wrong with my eggs. I have a follow-up appointment next month with a doctor at the clinic so will be able to ask these questions. They also have a wonderful councillor I can talk to, and I will probably go back at some stage to talk all of this through.

This has been such a journey, but now with the worst possible outcome. I keep trying to tell myself that at least I gave them the chance. I have to hold on to that.


@katiepie_nz is a paediatrics nurse, baker, knitter, friend and all around good person. You can follow her on Twitter or send me any questions or kind words you have for her (I will be sure to pass them on).

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Katie xx