Poem: I thought you were the one

A (very) long time ago, when I was young and sentimental, someone broke my heart and I decided to write about it. Here, finally, I’m making that public.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s the only poem I wrote as a teenager that doesn’t make me cringe.


I thought you were the one.
I thought you’d understand.
I thought we’d spend eternity
walking hand in hand.

You promised me forever;
it couldn’t have been lies.
I know how much you loved me;
I saw it in your eyes.

You wanted me intensely
and before I knew I fell,
no longer able to stop myself,
completely under your spell.

I gave you my love, my life, my heart,
my mind, my body, my soul.
I was overcome by love for you.
I surrendered all control.

My knight in shining armour.
My angel here on Earth.
No words described my love for you
nor made you see your worth.

But nothing lasts forever,
a lesson you taught me well.
You ended my dreams that fateful day
you tolled the final bell.

And now the rose is wilting
and the sky is turning black.
My world, it lies in pieces;
there is no turning back.

‘Cause nothing lasts forever;
you broke my heart in two.
Nothing lasts forever;
reality seeps through.

Now I see things clearly
and it makes me sad to say
your yellow streak is showing:
you threw our love away.

But I will not let this break me.
It will not bring me down.
I’m stronger than you ever were.
I hold my head up, proud.

I’ve heard the wisdom of the years;
I’ve learnt from pain and grief.
I’ve grown through love and losing,
learnt what life’s had to teach.

Whilst I mourn that which I’ve lost
I hold the pain inside.
This will only make me stronger;
you will not see me cry

For a love I lost to fear
and the weakness of a man
who’ll one day come to realise
he should have cherished what he had.

I do not fear the future,
do not regret what’s gone.
I learnt a long time ago that
life always goes on.