Two seconds in my head

Oh! An idea!
Oh, I’m doing something else.
Right, stop that and think about the idea.
That’s a pretty important idea.
Shit, I don’t wanna forget that.
I wanna do that now.
But I can’t stop what I’m doing.
If I don’t do it now I’ll forget it.
Ooh, I could write it down!
Yep, I should write it down.
Where should I write it?
My notepad.
Where’s that?
My handbag?
And a pen?
Same place.
I should get those things.
Where’s my handbag.
Just behind me.
I like this handbag.
I should fold that laundry.
Notepad: got it.
I like this notepad.
Mum gave it to me.
Focus. Open the notepad.
Oh, a picture!
Focus. Don’t look at that picture.
Hey, other notes.
Don’t read those now.
Get pen.
I like this pen.
A friends gave me this ages ago.
I like the rhythm of clicking it.
Right. Skip to a blank page.
Write down that idea.
What was that idea again?