Job interviews



I have heard a lot of talk about job interviews lately and have read many articles on how you should approach them and what you should do. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel I thought I would share a few questions I have found, in my time, to be perfect for the inevitable end-of-interview “Have you got any questions for me?” Because, let’s face it, unless you’re interviewing to be a checkout attendant you should always have questions and they shouldn’t all be “What’s the salary?”

  • What are your plans for the company for the next five years? This is a particularly good one if you’re talking to someone relatively senior. They may not have a five year plan  but your interest in their future intentions shows you’re looking for a mid-long term move, not simply a quick stepping stone.
  • How do you see [department] evolving to keep up with changing technology? Most roles these days have some technological component and almost all can be improved, budget willing, with the addition of up to date technology. Do you want to work for a company that’s evolving slowly or do you want to work for a company that’s quick to change with the environment? Asking questions likes this will give you a good idea of which you’re dealing with.
  • How will the company help me develop? Don’t be afraid to ask what the company will give you. Roles evolve and change and very few people come into them with the skills they need to function perfectly from day one. A good employer will show an interest in investing in their staff, both professionally and personally.
  • Can you tell me a little about the team I’ll be working with? Aside from the cheeky presupposition that you’ll be offered the role, this is a hugely important thing to know coming into a new work environment. You will be spending upwards of 50% of your waking time with your new colleagues; you need to know how the team functions and what kind of people you will be interacting with. Does it suit your work style and personality?
  • What constitutes success in this position and within the company? Do you want to succeed? Yes? Good. You need to know how. It’s that simple.

What questions do you find useful in interviews? Do you have any techniques you use to deal with nerves? Let  me know in the comments.